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A volunteer in the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre is an individual who performs an agreed task for no fee.

INTRODUCTION: The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre (EASC) depends on volunteer participation at all levels of its operations and owes its success to the countless volunteer hours the community has donated over the years. The EASC encourages an environment of mutual respect where members, management, staff and volunteers work toward the aims and objectives of the EASC’s vision, mission statement and strategic plan.

VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION LUNCH AND DRAW: The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre has a Volunteer Appreciation Lunch to honour its volunteers who dedicate their time to the Centre. For every hour volunteered, volunteers receive a ticket into a quarterly draw for a $25 gift card.

RECRUITMENT: The recruitment of a volunteer is at the discretion of the Centre’s management according to approved policies and procedures. Volunteers will not be used to do the work of paid staff members. Before the start of voluntary work, the volunteer must complete a registration form which includes contact information and any relevant personal information including skills specific to voluntary roles. Volunteers must be at least 15 years of age to work without parental supervision and must enjoy working with all types of people, particularly Aboriginal elders and seniors. Volunteers under 15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE VOLUNTEER The volunteer: 1. Will undertake the tasks agreed to with the Volunteer Coordinator. 2. Must agree to represent the EASC in a professional manner and not allow personal views and opinions from conflicting with the Centre’s purpose. 3. Will undertake training and evaluation as required. 4. Will not remove EASC property without staff approval. 6. Agrees to be punctual and will notify his/her supervisor if unable to attend. 7. Gives the EASC at least one days’ notice when unable to arrive for a shift. 8. Gives the EASC two weeks’ notice should they consider resigning. 9. Understands 3 missed shifts without notifying the Volunteer Coordinator of absence will result in termination of contract.

EDMONTON ABORIGINAL SENIORS CENTRE RESPONSIBLIETIES The EASC recognizes its responsibilities to volunteers and undertakes to: 1. Provide volunteer with tasks that are appropriate to the volunteers’ skills, abilities and interests. 2. Provide volunteers with information, supervision and training in order to perform their task(s). 3. Provide volunteers with a safe workplace. 4. Provide volunteers with appropriate insurance coverage. 5. Reimburse volunteer expenses, other than travel expenses, by prior arrangement with the Executive Director/Volunteer Coordinator. 6. Provide gift card for quarterly draw winner at Volunteer Appreciation Lunch.

ORIENTATION AND TRAINING: Every volunteer is entitled to an introductory session. The session will outline the work of the EASC, a tour of the facility and introductions to staff and other volunteers. The volunteer will be made familiar with their specific task and the training required, if any.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE: Volunteers who have a complaint should raise the issue with the Volunteer Coordinator. If the issue is not resolved, where appropriate, the Executive Director will investigate the complaint.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre will respect the privacy and confidentiality of information regarding personal information supplied by volunteers. Volunteers will respect and adhere to EASC’s policies concerning confidentiality and access to information.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: All reasonable steps will be undertaken to provide volunteers with a workplace compliant with OH&S standards.

VOLUNTEER FEEDBACK: The Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre encourages volunteers to make suggestions, voice concerns and give feedback about how the agency fulfills its mission to community. The EASC is always looking for new ideas, so please share ideas with the staff.

*** I hereby authorize the Edmonton Aboriginal Centre to contact the named reference to establish my suitability as a volunteer and I hereby release EASC and their company from all liability for any damage for issuing the same. I further authorize the Volunteer Coordinator to maintain this information in the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre’s records and absolve them from liability. I also agree that all information, in written or verbal form, pertaining to clients of the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre of Edmonton Alberta, will be held in strict confidence and no information of any type, in written or verbal form, will be divulged at any time whatsoever to any person. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in legal proceedings. The EASC is not responsible for any theft or loss of personal property or contents of personal possessions. These instructions are fully understood by the undersigned. Disclaimer: It is the policy of the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre to screen all prospective volunteers. While the EASC tries to place every applicant, EASC reserves the right to select applicants according to its needs and criteria. I understand and respect the confidential nature of the information I might have access to in performing my volunteer duties for the EASC. By signing this agreement, I agree to abide by the above terms and conditions as a volunteer with the Edmonton Aboriginal Seniors Centre.